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Useful links and references


On Scottish English:


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On Glaswegian:


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And our presentations from the Sounds of the City project, under ‘Outputs’ [Outputs]


You can find out more about Scots from these websites:

and you can search spoken and written Scottish English texts for your own projects using the open-access SCOTS corpus:


on phonetics:


Knight, Rachael-Anne (2012), Phonetics: A Coursebook. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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You can find out more about speech at these websites:


• Speech production:

• Diversity in dialect production:

• The IPA:



on sociolinguistics:


Holmes, Janet (2014), An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 4th edn, London: Longman.


Lawson, Robert (ed.) (2014), Sociolinguistics in Scotland. London: Palgrave.


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These links are also interesting:



On sound change:


Aitchison, Jean (2012), Language Change: Progress or Decay? Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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